August 1, 2022

Pros and Cons of SEO vs PPC

In addition to organic issuance, there is contextual advertising in the sickle of search engines. Contextual advertising is commercial ads in search engines that are shown depending on search queries, interests and characteristics of the audience.

contextual advertising

It has been noticed that when conducting contextual advertising at the same time as SEO, many sites give better results than if any one tool were used. This is due to behavioral factors from advertising. The search engine sees the popularity of the site and how visitors behave on it and takes this into account. Of course, this applies not only to contextual advertising, any increase in site traffic (for example, active site advertising on TV) has a positive effect on SEO. But what if you have a limited budget and only need to choose one tool? Consider the pros and cons of SEO and context as the biggest competitors.


contextual advertising

Low price per attracted client

The cost is higher

Payment for work

Transfer fee

delayed result

Quick result

Requires a lot of work and adjustments

Quick launch

Long term result

Effect while there is a budget

More trust

Advertising is less trusted. There is a note that this is an advertisement.

Thanks to SEO and technical optimization, you get the best version of your site

Can be run as is

Instability of positions

Position stability

It takes time to index optimization adjustments or other work

Prompt introduction and display of changes in the advertising campaign

You should always understand that in inept hands both tools can be ineffective. A contextual advertising specialist may set up an advertising campaign incorrectly, and an SEO specialist may use outdated promotion technologies or fail to do important work due to lack of knowledge.

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