How to measure the results of SEO promotion?

August 13, 2022

How to measure the results of SEO promotion?

The work done to promote the site can be assessed by the following performance indicators:

Positions. The positions for the queries of the selected semantic core are compared before and during the promotion. To determine positions, it is desirable to use specialized services for their removal. We do not recommend checking positions through the search bar of a search engine, as the results are strongly affected by the personalization of the issue.
Site traffic. The growth of organic traffic from search engines is estimated in comparison with the previous period before the start of work. It is important to take into account seasonality and market changes. The reasons for the fall or growth in attendance may be due to the increase and decrease in the interest of users, for example, in summer people practically do not buy mittens, unlike in winter. Or, if the site sells trending products, they can quickly lose their relevance, for example, as was the case with spinners. For analysis, use the Google Trends and Yandex.Wordstat “Query History” tools.
Request seasonality chart

Transitions along the semantic core. Visits to the site for queries from search engines should increase. You can evaluate this indicator using Yandex.Metrica.
Improving user behavior on the site. With the work done, behavioral indicators should improve: reduction of failures; increase the depth of page browsing; increase in time spent on the site; more than one visit from the same user; achievement of the goal, etc. Assessed with the help of statistical systems.
Conversion is the ratio of the number of site visitors who completed targeted actions on it, such as registration, placing an order, clicking on a link, etc., to the total number of site visitors, measured as a percentage.
The conversion rate depends on the field of activity, for example, everyday goods can have a conversion of 10%, and rare goods that are purchased every few years can have a conversion of less than a percent. You can evaluate the conversion, for example, by setting goals in Yandex.Metrica.

You can also calculate:

CPC – cost per click = budget for SEO ÷ traffic from search engines.
CPA – cost per action = budget for SEO ÷ number of targeted actions.
ROI – return on investment = [(revenue – investment) ÷ investment] x 100.
Let’s summarize. It is important to remember that even after the termination of cooperation, all SEO work carried out will remain on the site and will affect its promotion for a significant time. A positive or negative impact depends on the completeness and quality of the work done. And one more factor that should not be forgotten: search engine algorithms are constantly being improved, which means that the site needs new approaches to SEO promotion, which a competent SEO specialist will learn about in a timely manner.

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