SEO Benefits

October 5, 2022

SEO Benefits

Why is SEO an important part of website promotion? A number of benefits will answer this question:

Long lasting effect.

The result of SEO work can last for a long time, even after the termination of cooperation with an SEO specialist. But, because competitors do not stand still, there will always be someone who has the best site. It is important to analyze positions, competitors and make optimization adjustments. What worked yesterday is not guaranteed to work tomorrow.

Low cost.

SEO is much lower in price than many ways to promote and advertise a site. And, after the cessation of promotion work, the traffic received will be free, while the flow of visitors from advertising networks ends with the budget.

Increasing conversion.

Search engine optimization can significantly increase conversions. The increase is largely achieved through SEO work, which includes improving the design, functionality, and usability of the site.

Trust in organic search.

Users trust organic search results more than contextual advertising – organic looks more natural and unobtrusive, unlike advertising in the eyes of the user.

Opportunity to earn income.

With a commercial site, everything is clear – ideally, with an increase in traffic, sales also grow. Successful information sites can earn money by advertising: contextual blocks, teasers, banners, affiliate programs, selling links, posting articles, etc. With the help of SEO optimization, information sites attract a lot of traffic, thereby helping the owner to earn.

Affects all search engines.

SEO-promotion of the site makes the site attractive in the eyes of different search engines. This does not mean at all that traffic will go to all existing search engines – their share of attendance is different. So, Yandex is considered the most popular search engine in Russia in 2019, Google is a little behind (Yandex and Google practically divide the market in half), followed by, Rambler, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo and all the rest.

Brand recognition.

With high positions of the site, people will see your resource more often in search engines, which means that its memorability and loyalty will increase. So, once users found your site, they can return again by remembering and typing the domain in the address bar.

Evaluation of results.

Evaluating the results of search promotion is quite simple using statistics systems, such as Yandex.Metrica or Google Analytics, and monitoring the positions of keywords.

Access to new regions.

Even if the business is concentrated in one city, nothing will stop you from attracting customers from other regions. This can be done, for example, using regional subdomains.

Large semantic core.

When compiling the core, you can take into account a large number of key phrases for promotion. In addition, it can be constantly expanded due to the growth of the site structure and the emergence of new products and services. With proper SEO optimization, your site can be found by related search queries.

Site control.

When working on SEO promotion, there is a comprehensive and daily control over the site: from monitoring the hosting work to the correctness of ordering.

quality audience. Only those users who are interested in the product or service posted on your site will get to your site. Thanks to optimization, pages become relevant to search queries.

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