What SEO Included

July 8, 2022

SEO optimization:

Analysis of competitors to determine various parameters (for example, site structure, CNC, writing title, description, h1, texts, functional improvements, etc.).
Adding a site to Yandex.Webmaster, Google Search Console and setting them up.
Compilation and placement of title, description, h1.
Checking existing texts for uniqueness, spelling, punctuation.
Drawing up technical specifications for texts, writing and posting content with proper HTML formatting.
Checking and posting regional contact details on the site, details, maps.
Search for non-glued site mirrors.
Setting up internal linking of the site (for example, from texts).
Image optimization (size, title, alt, title).
Search and elimination of affiliates.
For large online stores, the introduction of template optimization for title and description.
Work to improve the usability of the site, behavioral factors and increase conversion.
Checking and adding commercial factors: creating promotions, sections with customer reviews, “Buy in 1 click” buttons, article or news years, etc.
External optimization is a set of measures aimed at obtaining high-quality incoming links to your site. External links to the site are needed to transfer weight (authority) to your resource, as well as to get traffic by clicking users on the posted links.

External optimization :

Analysis of the existing link mass.
Analysis of the link strategy of competitors.
Development and implementation of a link strategy (drawing up an anchor list, analysis and selection of donors, placement, etc.)
Registration in Yandex.Directory, Google My Business, 2GIS, etc.
Registration on popular thematic directories-catalogues.
Getting links from blogs, forums, social networks, sites with reviews, etc.
Control of all links.
Adjusting the link strategy if necessary.

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