Timing and cost of SEO

September 13, 2022

Timing and cost of promotion

Usually the results from SEO promotion appear from 3 to 12 months. It is difficult to accurately predict and give guarantees when requests will be displayed in the TOP, since various parameters affect this:

Site age and domain history.
The quality level of the site (for example, the site came to the promotion unfinished, or is under the search engine filter).
Competitiveness of topics and regionality.
The amount of existing traffic on the site and the quality of the behavioral factors.
The quality of existing inbound links.
Technical barriers to site optimization (for example, the site was created on a constructor that is limited in functionality).
Obstacles on the part of the client (for example, non-coordination of work or coordination extended over time).
The presence or absence of affiliate sites.
The quality of the selected queries and the work done on SEO-optimization of the site by a specialist.
The following factors affect the cost of website optimization:

Number of promoted regions.
The number of queries in the semantic core to be displayed in the TOP-10 search engines.
The amount of traffic brought.
Topic competition.
The technical condition of the site, whether it requires serious improvements, which are expensive and labor-intensive in cost.
The amount of work carried out, which requires the involvement of various kinds of specialists, for example, a layout designer, copywriter, web analyst, etc.

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